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The Best Time of Day to Read Your Bible.

Updated: Sep 17

Try not to get too hung up on the time of day but be more concerned with a time of day that works well on a consistent basis. When it comes to reading the Bible, consistency is key. I love opening my Bible first thing early in the morning: starting my day with the encouragement I'm going the need for the day ahead is the best! But be honest with yourself. Is this a time that you can keep consistent? For a season, my quiet time was my lunch hour. During another season, it was before bed. I used to get so hung up on the fact that my silence and Bible reading had to be done in the morning that if it didn't work out I just skipped it for the day feeling like what was the point of doing it at all if I don't do it in the morning. Choose a time and a place that you can have quiet with little to no interruption. In order for what we read to translate in to what we must do, we must allow time in silence to ponder, reflect and be silent. Then, finally.....we'll get to listen.


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