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The Best Time of Day to Read Your Bible.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

You may have heard different opinions about the best time of day to read your Bible. Early morning? Evening? Both? Does it really matter? Can reading your Bible at the "right" time help it become more meaningful to you? Well the answer to that is.. yes! Here's why. Each one of us has a different rhythm to our day. The key is in finding that space where you can regularly have some quiet time. The important thing is not to get too hung up on the right time of day but rather be more concerned with a time of day that works well on a consistent basis. So, for each person, there is a right time of day for them to be in God's Word, but that time and place may look different for each one of us.

be more concerned with a time of day that works well on a consistent basis

That's because when it comes to reading the Bible, consistency is key. The MOST important aspect to our growth is that we are reading His word and that we read it on a regular basis. Usually, I love opening my Bible first thing early in the morning: starting my day with the encouragement I'm going to need for the day ahead is the best! But morning hasn't always worked as well as it does for me right now. There was a season when the only moment of quiet I could find was during my lunch hour. During another season, it was before bed. You need to ask yourself if this is a time you can keep as consistent as possible?

Early on in my Bible reading, I used to get so hung up on the fact that my silence and Bible reading had to be done in the morning that if it didn't work out I just skipped it for the day feeling like what was the point of doing it at all if I couldn't get it done in the morning (kind of like my exercise routine!) So choose a time and a place that you have the best chance for little to no interruption, and if for some reason, it didn't work out when you meant for it to happen, do it later, or just get it back on your schedule the next day. Similar to exercise, we have to prepare for our time with the Lord. It's much more likely for me to exercise if I prepare ahead of time; if I get my shoes and clothes ready to go the night before and have a plan in place. If I don't, chances of success decrease greatly. In this same way, we need to prepare for quiet times with the Lord. Get your Bible and notebook ready, prepare your place and set the time. In order for what we read in the Bible to translate in to what we must do, we must allow time in silence to ponder, reflect, and apply what read into what we must do. The rewards are endless so make a plan and then keep it a priority.

Don't forget to revisit your schedule every so often to make sure your plan is still working. I like to date Bible reading reflections in my journal so I can see how consistent I have actually been. We can sometimes get an unrealistic idea of exactly how often we read the Bible. When you keep track of the days, it's a good way to see how well your planned quiet time is actually working. Finally, sit back, breathe deep, and enjoy the peace, wisdom, and direction that only God can give as you read His words and reflect on what He has to teach you today.

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