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6 Steps for a Life-Changing Quiet Time.

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Reading the Bible: It's doesn't have to be complicated in order to be life changing. Follow these 6 simple steps for a simple, yet deep, walk with God.

1. Begin with prayer! Spend the first few minutes praying that God would help you hear what He has to say to you through the scripture. Pray for wisdom. Pray for discernment. Pray for Him to take concerns off your mind so you can be filled with His words.

2. Observe what's on your heart today. Write down what you are feeling right now. Pay attention to feelings of peace, unrest, weariness or strength. Write it down.

3. Read the Scripture. Choose a few verses to focus on. Five to ten is usually sufficient, but more or less may be necessary. Read it through slowly, several times. I love using the Life Application Study Bible to keep me on the right track. You can write out the entire scripture, a meaningful phrase, or just the verse location you chose for the day.

4. What does the Bible say about God and about yourself. Write down words or phrases that describe God's character: promises made, responses, actions, or emotions. Then, write down words or phrases that are about you: how you are created, why you are here, what God wants you to do, how he wants you to live.

5. Other observations. Write down anything else that stands out to you.

6. Finally (and this is the powerful part), write a written prayer. It’s called a written prayer because it is a conversation with God that you write down. This is the time to respond to what your scripture meditation brought up. The process of writing helps your mind to process what you read even further and helps you make it applicable to your life now. This is truly the ultimate goal. You want God’s word to impact your life and that is only possible by reading scripture, meditation, and reflection.

Start today, get your Just Be Journal here and Be Blessed!

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