The Story of


Hi! My name is Vanessa. I discovered this scripture journaling method for myself many years ago during a very difficult and draining time of my life. I needed a simple yet meaningful way to read the Bible consistently. I needed God's Word surrounding my life each and every day. It all started with just my Life Application Study Bible and a blank journal. I began to fill Journal after Journal and continued to do so over the years. As I began leading Bible Study Groups, I found that large, lenthy studies didn't always equal stubstantioal personal growth. In fact, quite often studies would be half finished or rushed though right before the study began (myself included) Through several mentors, I was taught that silence and reflection should be an important aspect of our daily quiet times with God. When I started to add this to my scripture reading, God's word began to speak to me in a whole new way. Although this method is not new, it was new for me and I want to share this method with you! It has been my dream for many years to put this system in a journal as an easy way to begin on your own or study a book of the Bible with a group. I am so excited for God's word to impact your life every day.

Get ready to be blessed as your learn to Just Be.